I created this blog with the hope to improving my writing skills, but it has certainly gone beyond that. I thought this was going to simply be a platform I use to articulate the thoughts I have in my head on the topics of The Bible, Theology, and Culture, however, the majority of my writing (thus far) has been writing book reviews for evangelical publishers. In addition to these, I will soon be including everything about me and my life that I can put on here. Specifically

  • A journal/log for my Seminary Residency
  • A Podcast  titled “The Long Haul”
  • Recommendations page for Books, Movies, Beers, etc…
  • Page for a ministry a friend and I run called The Haven 
  • Links to Support all the things I am affiliated with Take Hold Church’s website, podcast, outreach opportunities, and Take Hold Fest

My name is Kevin, and here are a few things about me: I’m Married, I love Michigan, I do Pastoral Care at Take Hold Church, I am a Seminary Student, I am a motorcycle enthusiast. I am a certified personal trainer. I follow the sport of bodybuilding like most follow football. I unapologetically collect memorbilia from the show The Simpsons. And now, I blog.


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