31 Women of the Bible Book Review

31 Women of the Bible: Who They Were and What We Can Learn from Them Today is a wonderful resource for anyone. This book features the profiles of 31 different women who have played important roles in the Scripture. Each individual profile includes scripture references and a summary of their character. Probably my favorite part of each profile is there is a list of questions for the reader to ask for practical application of that chapter’s character; it is an excellent way for the reader to discover these 31 women of the Bible and dig into what we can learn from them today. Additional features for this book include:


-Vibrant and Colorful layout with pictures on every page

-Concise yet thorough character profiles (2-3 pages each)

-Significant descriptions of characters often looked over!

-Hardcover and Pocket-Sized so it’s both sturdy and easy to carry/store

-31 profiles makes for a great daily devotional for a month

-Affordable and an excellent source for a Bible Study
For the past few months I have been very intrigued by studying the women of the Bible. This started off because of a Complimentarian vs. Egalitarian discussion I had at church with a few friends. From there I’ve bought works by NT Wright, Ben Witherington III, and my personal favorite, Philip Payne’s Man and Woman, One in Christ. All of these works were academically heavy and rich in theological scholarship, however, I would not recommend them as a resource for someone looking for a daily devotional or weekly Bible study. 31 Women of the Bible: Who They Were and What We Can Learn from Them is the perfect resource for those circumstances. It is Biblically sound, concise, yet rich in information. At an easy to digest 144 pages and pricing less than $15, this is a very easy page turner for anyone looking to expand their library and grow in their understanding of Biblical characters.


I would like to thank B&H Publishing Group for generously providing me with a copy of this book to review. This provision had no influence on my review of the book.


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