You and your spouse photo challenge: Day #1

3 years, 8 months, 3 weeks, and 3 days ago I met you. I have seen you at your absolute worst, but I have yet to see you at your best. Before anyone gets upset and assumes I’m some misogynistic turd of a husband, allow me to explain. If you know my wife, or at least follow her on facebook, you know that she is very passionate about progression and growth in all its forms; she posts on this regarding everything from makeup, to nutrition and dieting, and, most importantly, her relationship with the Lord. Growing in this area specifically always takes precedence over any other area of growth for her. To me, that characteristic is something I have come to be more than just thankful for, and here’s why…

My wife doesn’t have a hobby or activity that consumes her; unless you’d consider tacos a hobby or activity (she’d be a gold medalist for both summer and winter Olympics if that were the case), she is a simple woman who is good at all the things she finds joy in, yet remains content on each. I absolutely love that about her. Simple is not bad by any means, it’s actually one of the reasons I knew she was perfect for me. She loves the little things without needing a big picture goal to work towards. When she does her makeup/eyebrows it is borderline flawless, and will make Kim Kardashian look like Rodney Dangerfield smeared ketchup on his face, but she never feels compelled to enroll in cosmetology school, or start her own business. Makeup brings her so much joy, and even more so when she is given the opportunity to do a bride’s makeup, but she is completely content with it being just that—a gift that she utilizes to bring herself joy and bless others. I admire this so much about her and there are times where I am pretty envious of it, because I am the exact opposite. My lack of contentment is not to my benefit because of how easy it is to quit on anything that isn’t a deep indwelled passion of mine. My wife, however, is not that way. She is both humble and content with the things that she loves and hobbies she has, and the one area she is not content is with her relationship with the Lord. Even so, her struggle with contentment is hardly a downfall. She yearns for more, and struggles with being content because of this desire. Her struggle is not an impatient one, rather anticipation for the good things to come. This is her consuming passion. This is where her passion for growth and progression began, and this is where it flourishes.

Alex, you are content in all the right places, and this trait is one that I envy regularly. Sometimes it makes me angry and I want to be childish, like give you a wedgy or something to show I’m stronger you, but it never lasts or turns into bitterness. Once I snap out of my self-centered mentality to achieve supremacy in all areas, I always come back to how I admire this quality of yours, and decide to just stare at your butt rather than continue with the onslaught of wedgies I just mentioned. I love you for who you are, and I am grateful that contentment comes easier with your hobbies than it does for me.First Look-0132


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